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I Love You Sound Wave

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It is so easy and fun to create a sound wave art. All you need is an email address to register for free to access online sound wave editor. Let’s get started!

1. Upload or Record

Upload your audio/video or record it online. And our online editor will turn it to an image of sound waves in seconds. You can trim the audio/video file so that only the desired part remains.

2. Style and Design

Customize the shape and color of the sound wave, add text to it, adjust the space between sound wave bars, set their thickness, tons of customization options. Play around with it until you bring it to your liking! You can combine its colors with your living room if it is where you'll hang it.

3. Print or Download

Once you are finished with your design, you can add a QR Code on your sound wave image. You can either print it on a canvas or a poster. There are plenty of size options and we ship them for free to many countries. Or you can download it as a digital format (PDF and SVG) and print it on your own.

4. Scan QR Code

Whoever scan the QR Code on the picture with any QR Code app will be directed to a custom web page where your video/audio plays and a pointer follows the corresponding sound waves to the sounds. Nevertheless, you have the option not to have a QR code on your image.

Sound Wave Generator

Generate your personalized sound wave image from your voice. Did you ever captured an image of your voice? Try it for free now! Say “I Love You” and send the image of your voice to your beloved one.

Create your Soundwave

After you create a free account, you’ll access to sound wave editor to create your very custom art. Here are the 4 joyful steps to create your sound wave gift:
1. Upload or record
2. Design sound wave (Color, text, shape)
3. Add QR Code (optional)
4. Download/Print yours

Amaze your beloved ones!!!

Sound wave image, a piece of art.

Almost everybody know that fingerprints are unique but did you know that every voice generates its distinctive pattern and unique as well?
See how your voice look like.

Sound wave art

With the revolution of mobile phones, we capture almost every moment and therefore have tons of photos, videos in our phones and cameras. We generally don’t have enough time to watch them again. It is because we have limited time in today’s world. Yet, there are moments way more special than our daily captured videos. They are sometimes “I Love you” words said by your lover, sometimes it is the first time your baby called you “dad” or “mum” or the last words of your beloved ones who passed away recently. They are important and should be given the importance they desire. 

Those special moments do not reserve to be forgotten in your phone’s memory. There is a way better, aesthetic and unique way to  remember them: Sound Wave Art. Those moments could become immortal arts and remembered for years to come. So, create sound wave art of that special moment of yours now. Whether it is your wedding vow, marriage proposal, wedding song, baby’s crying, baby’s heartbeats, dog’s bark, favorite song or any message with your sound, go ahead and create it now! Our online sound wave generator will transform your sound into a cool sound wave image in seconds. 

You can customize the color and shape of the sound waveadd text with your favorite font and add a QR code on the sound wave image. Finally, you can either download PDF sound wave file or we can print it professionally and send it to you.

Sound Wave Art Ideas

I Love You Sound Wave

I love you sound wave is one of the most preferred one. We do have beloved ones and it is really great to express your love in such a different way. They will love this custom and unique gift.

Wedding Vow Sound Wave

Weddings are, no doubt, the most important moments of our lives. Make your wedding vow an artwork and surprise your partner with this unique and personalized gift for your anniversary.

Baby's Heartbeat Sound Wave

A mum would love a gift about her baby. And it would be best to give her a custom gift that is deeply related with her baby. We can’t imagine a better gift for a mum. Surprise her with the sound wave of the baby’s heartbeats.

Sound Wave of Baby's First Words

Remember your baby’s first words? Wouldn’t it be great to hang soundwave art of your baby’s first words on your wall? And listen to the very first time over and over by scanning the QR code on sound wave picture?

I Do Sound Wave

Did you make your marriage proposal yet? If you have a recording of your proposal, either video or audio, generate its sound wave now. Or you can record your I Dos on our online editor to create your custom soundwave artwork. This is one-of-a-kind art!

Sound Wave of Favorite Song

Sometimes, listening to your favorite music is not just enough. You want to see the unique sound waves of your favorite song. And good news is that, you can listen to it and see the sound waves synced on your phone whenever you scan the QR code. 

Why to have a Sound Wave Art?

Everyone has a sound that is special to them. It could be a song, first word of your
baby, wedding vow or your best song. Isn’t it so excited to bring it into life as a
picture to hang on your wall that lasts for generations?


It is revolutionary compared to traditional gifts. It will bring an great aura in your home.


Place a QR Code on the video. The video/audio is accessible by anyone when QR code is scanned. There is a pointer follows the corresponding sound waves of the sound.


Hanging a picture on your wall that is meaningful to you is much better to have rather than some random photo.


Customize the shape, form and color of your sound wave. It is very easy and fun to personalize it. You can also add text to your sound wave image.

Convenient Shipment

Feel free to order any size of your sound wave image. Free shipping to the US, Canada, UK and EU. Very small shipping costs to other countries.


A romantic way to express yourself. You can have the sound wave of your wedding vow, marriage proposal or dance music.

Our clients say

Featured Comments

This sound wave artwork I just created went beyond and above my expectation. It is the coolest feature that I can add a QR code on the product. And it is also very cool feature that I can design the sound wave all by myself on a user friendly dashboard.
Hillary Leigh
Student and cloth designer
There is nothing more motivating than hearing my little baby called me "mummy". So, I captured a short video of her calling me "mummy", generated sound wave from it and have that sound wave picture on my desk at work now. This is so inspiring!
Amanda Read
Bank Specialist
I got the soundwave picture of my favorite song on this website and it looks amazing on my wall! It was a matter of a couple click to create this super cool artwork. Therefore, I picked my favorite colors for the sound wave bars and they look fascinating!
David Heısen
Web Developer
My wife loved what I got created for her on your website. It was our first anniversary and I got her the sound wave artwork of our wedding dance. I love it because Its colors are matchy with our living room... Thank you!
Tom Cooper
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