favorite music turned into soundwave art

Your favorite song as a visual art!

I love you mom sound wave artwork

How your voice looks like?

Creating a sound wave art is free! You only pay if you order

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It is so easy and fun to create a sound wave art. All you need is an email address to register for free to access online sound wave editor. Let’s get started!

1. Upload or Record

Upload your audio/video or record it online. And our online editor will turn it to an image of sound waves in seconds. You can trim the audio/video file so that only the desired part remains.

2. Style and Design

Customize the shape and color of the sound wave, add text to it, adjust the space between sound wave bars, set their thickness, tons of customization options. Play around with it until you bring it to your liking! You can combine its colors with your living room if it is where you'll hang it.

3. Print or Download

Once you are finished with your design, you can add a QR Code on your sound wave image. You can either print it on a canvas or a poster. There are plenty of size options and we ship them for free to many countries. Or you can download it as a digital format (PDF and SVG) and print it on your own.

4. Scan QR Code

Whoever scan the QR Code on the picture with any QR Code app will be directed to a custom web page where your video/audio plays and a pointer follows the corresponding sound waves to the sounds. Nevertheless, you have the option not to have a QR code on your image.

Sound Wave Generator

Generate your personalized sound wave image from your voice. Did you ever captured an image of your voice? Try it for free now! Say “I Love You” and send the image of your voice to your beloved one.

Create your Soundwave

After you create a free account, you’ll access to sound wave editor to create your very custom art. Here are the 4 joyful steps to create your sound wave gift:
1. Upload or record
2. Design sound wave (Color, text, shape)
3. Add QR Code (optional)
4. Download/Print yours

Amaze your beloved ones!!!

Sound wave image, a piece of art.

Almost everybody know that fingerprints are unique but did you know that every voice generates its distinctive pattern and unique as well?
See how your voice look like.

Sound Wave Art Ideas

I Love you Sound Wave

I love you sound wave is one of the most preferred one. We do have beloved ones and it is really great to express your love in such a different way. They will love this custom and unique gift.

Wedding Vow Sound Wave

Weddings are, no doubt, the most important moments of our lives. Make your wedding vow an artwork and surprise your partner with this unique and personalized gift for your anniversary.

Baby's Heartbeat Sound Wave

A mum would love a gift about her baby. And it would be best to give her a custom gift that is deeply related with her baby. We can’t imagine a better gift for a mum. Surprise her with the sound wave of the baby’s heartbeats.

Sound Wave of Baby's First Words

Remember your baby’s first words? Wouldn’t it be great to hang soundwave art of your baby’s first words on your wall? And listen to the very first time over and over by scanning the QR code on sound wave picture?

I Do Sound Wave

Did you make your marriage proposal yet? If you have a recording of your proposal, either video or audio, generate its sound wave now. Or you can record your I Dos on our online editor to create your custom soundwave artwork. This is one-of-a-kind art!

Sound Wave of Favorite Song

Sometimes, listening to your favorite music is not just enough. You want to see the unique sound waves of your favorite song. And good news is that, you can listen to it and see the sound waves synced on your phone whenever you scan the QR code. 

First Dance Soundwave Art

Gift something meaningful for your next  anniversary. Surprise them with the soundwave art made out of your first dance song. It is unique and means a lot. Whether it is your first anniversary or the 5th one, we can print it on a paper or a canvas.

Last voicemail of Beloved Ones

You never know if this is the last voicemail you get from them. It is sad, true though. This is a good way of remembering beloved ones by turning their last voicemail into soundwave art and gifting it to those who will cherish it forever.

Sound wave art

With the revolution of mobile phones, we capture almost every moment and therefore have tons of photos, videos in our phones and cameras. We generally don’t have enough time to watch them again. It is because we have limited time in today’s world. Yet, there are moments way more special than our daily captured videos. They are sometimes “I Love you” words said by your lover, sometimes it is the first time your baby called you “dad” or “mum” or the last words of your beloved ones who passed away recently. They are important and should be given the importance they desire. 

Those special moments do not reserve to be forgotten in your phone’s memory. There is a way better, aesthetic and unique way to  remember them: Sound Wave Art. Those moments could become immortal arts and remembered for years to come. So, create sound wave art of that special moment of yours now. Whether it is your wedding vow, marriage proposal, wedding song, baby’s crying, baby’s heartbeats, dog’s bark, favorite song or any message with your sound, go ahead and create it now! Our online sound wave generator will transform your sound into a cool sound wave image in seconds. 

You can customize the color and shape of the sound waveadd text with your favorite font and add a QR code on the sound wave image. Finally, you can either download PDF sound wave file or we can print it professionally and send it to you.

Why to have a Soundwave Art?

Everyone has a sound that is special to them. It could be a song, first word of your
baby, wedding vow or your best song. Isn’t it so excited to bring it into life as a
picture to hang on your wall that lasts for generations?


It is revolutionary compared to traditional gifts. It will bring an great aura in your home.


Place a QR Code on the video. The video/audio is accessible by anyone when QR code is scanned. There is a pointer follows the corresponding sound waves of the sound.


Hanging a picture on your wall that is meaningful to you is much better to have rather than some random photo.


Customize the shape, form and color of your sound wave. It is very easy and fun to personalize it. You can also add text to your sound wave image.

Convenient Shipment

Feel free to order any size of your sound wave image. Free shipping to the US, Canada, UK and EU. Very small shipping costs to other countries.


A romantic way to express yourself. You can have the sound wave of your wedding vow, marriage proposal or dance music.

Customer Reviews

by Laura on SoundWavePic.com
Best customer service!

I had the Best experience with Michael! I had difficulty getting my picture to print out on A pillow . Michael graciously helped me with all my messages ! I was A pain I had no idea what I was doing but he made it happen ! I’m so happy! I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you!

by Marie G. on SoundWavePic.com
thrilled by it

Beautiful!!! My husband was really thrilled with how unique this gift was. Can't thank you enough.

Thank you very much for your comment Marie!

by Zhyldyz on SoundWavePic.com
Missing QR code

Greetings! I’ve ordered a Soundwavepic canvas printing with QR code card however it’s missing. Would you please be kind to assist me with this. Thank you !

Hello! We've sent a replacement QR card to you and thanks for the acknowledge that it was received.

by Harley Lindsay on SoundWavePic.com
QR Page

Super great communication, and I loved the final result! The directed page where my video and soundwave play simultaneously is such a great one!

Thanks for your comment Harley!

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by Laura on SoundWavePic.com
Best customer service!

I had the Best experience with Michael! I had difficulty getting my picture to print out on A pillow . Michael graciously helped me with all my messages ! I was A pain I had no idea what I was doing but he made it happen ! I’m so happy! I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you!

by Marie G. on SoundWavePic.com
thrilled by it

Beautiful!!! My husband was really thrilled with how unique this gift was. Can't thank you enough.

Thank you very much for your comment Marie!

by Zhyldyz on SoundWavePic.com
Missing QR code

I’ve ordered a Soundwavepic canvas printing with QR code card however it’s missing. Would you please be kind to assist me with this.
Thank you !

Hello! We've sent a replacement QR card to you and thanks for the acknowledge that it was received.

by Harley Lindsay on SoundWavePic.com
QR Page

Super great communication, and I loved the final result! The directed page where my video and soundwave play simultaneously is such a great one!

Thanks for your comment Harley!

by Cindy on SoundWavePic.com

This is so special! I’m so excited to gift the “first dance” song as a visual art! This is a beautiful art and such a thoughtful idea to cherish forever! Customer service is very good too!

by Rob on SoundWavePic.com

Thank you for this great product. It turned out so beautıful!

by Melissa on SoundWavePic.com
Great first-anniversary gift!

My order arrived within a week of me confirming the look of the product was amazing, they were very very very responsive and the product itself turned out beautifully!

by Kelly on SoundWavePic.com
Fast Shipping

Good communication, quick shipping 👍🏽

by Jessica on SoundWavePic.com
Beautiful Art

Firstly, great quality and beautiful clear prints. What a beautiful way to add your personal touch to a work of art both visual and as a voice!

by Ozan on SoundWavePic.com

Super cute. My Husband loves it. Perfect personal anniversary gift.

by Adam on SoundWavePic.com
Super Cool Soundwaves

Absolutely gorgeous! My wife, as well as all our friends and family, love it! Thank you so much!

by Sarah hughes on SoundWavePic.com
Father's Day Gift

I gave this as a Father’s Day gift and my father was very happy with the quality of the art. The gift is unique and the quality of paper the soundwave is printed on is also perfect! Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for your comment!

by Hakan Yilmaz on SoundWavePic.com

This was the best gift choice I've ever made.. Visual correspondance of my words: "I love you". Thanks so muchh

Thank you very much for your comment!

by Luther C. Robertson on SoundWavePic.com
Invaluable Gift

My mom and dad loved it so much.. mom cried. Invaluable piece of art.. Thank you!

by Adam Clute on SoundWavePic.com
Digital downlaod

Great gift idea! Absolutely loved it! I selected digital download as it was for our anniversary which was

Thank you very much for your comment!

by Elizabeth G on SoundWavePic.com
Mommy soundwave

There is nothing more motivating than hearing my little baby called me "mommy". So, I captured a short video of her calling me "mommy", generated sound wave from it and have that sound wave picture on my desk at work now. This is so inspiring!

Thank you very much!

by Neriman C. on SoundWavePic.com
Very Thoughtful

It is a very thoughtful and original gift I've ever got. Thank you for the quick response and shipping it so fast.


by Chris Brown on SoundWavePic.com
Amazing Gift!

I got this soundwave gift for our anniversary and it is really amazing! Choosing the colors of the soundwave was so easy and they are matchy with our living room furniture which is awesome!

Thank you for your purchase!

by Ronald K on SoundWavePic.com

Great product, really happy with the result! Thank you! I would buy more if I had the room;) Such a lovely idea

by David Smith on SoundWavePic.com

I'm impressed with the color and shape of the soundwave on canvas. It looks better than my design on the dashboard. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends. Thank you...

by Mark L. on SoundWavePic.com

It was a very creative gift for my anniversary and my wife really liked it. 5 starts out of 5.

Thank you very much for your comment!

by Gabriel Ball on SoundWavePic.com

Excellent soundwave artwork. Perfect Father's Day gift!

by Tessa Mccartney on SoundWavePic.com

The most amazing present for my husband. It is beyond and above my expectations!

by Tara Faps on SoundWavePic.com
Perfect Gift

This was beautiful and very high quality! Perfect gift.

by Ellis Harper on SoundWavePic.com
Awesome Mother's day Gift

It came out just as my siblings and I hoped and arrived just in time for Mother’s Day! Thank you!

Thank you Ellis!

by Susan W on SoundWavePic.com
Loved it!

Love it, love it, love it!!!! Thank you so much! My boyfriend will also love it!

Thank you Susan!

by Shiloh Reader on SoundWavePic.com

This made the Perfect Gift. Exactly What I was looking for. The seller has great response time and communication. Shipped sooner than expected. 5 Star Experience.

by Harvey Ross on SoundWavePic.com
Packaged very well

Love, love, love my soundwave art piece! And they went into production immediately thereafter. Packaged so well there wasn't even a remote possibility it would've been damaged. The quality has exceeded my expectations and I would (and have) highly recommended "SoundWavePic" to others.

We would appreciate that Harvey!

by Taio Sargent on SoundWavePic.com
Father's Day Gift

Awesome! Gave as a gift to my dad for Father's Day and he loved it! Would definitely recommend or purchase again!

by Crumble_Joe on SoundWavePic.com

Delivered exactly what I ordered! It was awesome for an anniversary gift! Couldn't expect more!!

Thanks very much!

by Anthony Green on SoundWavePic.com
I love you sound wave

My "I love you" sound wave turned out to a great anniversary gift! Thank you so much...

Glad that you are satisfied. Thank you!

by Robert H. on SoundWavePic.com
baby heartbeat soundwave

This turned out beautiful I love it so much! I got the heartbeat soundwave of our baby to my wife. She'll love it.

Thank you Robert!

by Arman Gregory on SoundWavePic.com
Thrilled by it

very happy with my soundwave print, it is exactly what I wanted. The print was a gift and they were thrilled by it.

by Tom F. on SoundWavePic.com

Absolutely Gorgeous Artwork! Thank you and I can’t wait to gift it for our anniversary! I am so impressed at how beautiful it looks!

Appreciate your business, Tom!

by Sarah Pearce on SoundWavePic.com
Great Christmas Gift

The print is even more beautiful and detailed than I imagined. Arrived in pristine condition with professional packaging and padding. I got my print before Christmas and my boyfriend loves it!

Thanks Sarah!

by Malikah Perez on SoundWavePic.com

Woow wow wow, the quality on this is outstanding! I designed and downloaded my soundwave instantly, got it printed by a local printer and the frame was from Ikea. All put together it looks stunning, would recommend to anyone, quality and speed is unmatched, thank you very much... 5 Stars.

by Skyler Tucson on SoundWavePic.com
Perfect First anniversary gift

It was to my husband for our first anniversary. We both absolutely loved this item. It came very well protected in packaging. Professional business to work with!

Thanks Skyler 🙂

by Jawad Paterson on SoundWavePic.com
Quality of Print

Purchased this for my wife for her birthday, which was also the day we met. Seller was great to work with, and the quality of the print is just beautiful! I definitely recommend it!

by Hillary on SoundWavePic.com
music loving boyfriend gift

The soundwave print turned out beautifully! It's the perfect anniversary gift for my music-loving boyfriend.

Thank you Hillary!

by Oliver Shaw on SoundWavePic.com

It’s sooo beautiful! I've ordered a digital download which was very convenient and then sent it to my local printer to put in a frame.. Wonderful experience!!!

Thanks for your review Oliver 🙂

by Kaylee Beach on SoundWavePic.com
Good anniversary gift

Bought this as an anniversary gift for my fiance. He really loved it!

by Jordan Rodriquez on SoundWavePic.com
Kidding me?

Gorgeous prints. VERY happy with my gift. Will definitely buy again from here!

Thank you very much!

by Dylan Bradley on SoundWavePic.com

Awesome! It couldn’t be better !!! Totally recommended!!!

Thanks so much!

by Ziggy Adkins on SoundWavePic.com

excellent service all round! great print quality and makes for a lovely and unique gift!

by Yandel Vasquez on SoundWavePic.com

Beautiful quality of print! The way it was designed.

Thank you Yandel!

by Patrick Sharp on SoundWavePic.com
Voice art

My voice art turned out s beautiful! Absolutely amazing experience to create the voice art myself!!

Thanks, Patrick!

by Irene Crosby on SoundWavePic.com

Loved this product! Turned out sooo beautiful and printed really nicely 🙂

by Darnell Finley on SoundWavePic.com

My daughter loved this graduation gift: Soundwave of saying "I trust you no matter what". Prompt service. Highly recommend to others.

Thanks, Darnell!

by Lemar Duffy on SoundWavePic.com

Absolutely obsessed. New favorite piece.

by George Hopkins on SoundWavePic.com

My wife absolutely loved this. best gift ever. The QR code was super effective!! Fast shipping, great turnaround time… Couldn't recommend more! But 4 stars because I got a late reply.

Thank you.

by Addison Moore on SoundWavePic.com
Instant download. Wow!

All the reviews are accurate! Ordered instant download and sent to a local printer and got it printed in an hour. Amazing!

Thank you Addison!

by Halley Bates on SoundWavePic.com

Absolutely love how this came out. I gave this to my husband for his first anniversary gift and he loved it. He had no idea until scanning the QR to hear my voice. Definitely will buy from here again in the future.Thanks you so much!


by Leslie Day on SoundWavePic.com
Very satisfied!

Wow! What an awesome product! I loved instant download. Awesome customer service. My questions were answered so quickly. I HIGHLY recommend. So happy with my purchase. Will be back for more! : )

Thanks Leslie!

by Ahmet K. on SoundWavePic.com

I ordered a canvas which came out much more beautiful than I had expected. I highly recommend everyone Soundwave art as a thoughtful gift. Will purchase again!!!

THank you for your review!

by Cooper on SoundWavePic.com
Just beautiful

Gave this to my boyfriend for valentines. He absolutely loved it. Will definitely be looking into another one for an anniversary. Beautifully designed (by me;)) and printed by you!! Can't thank you enough!

Thank you Cooper!

by Happy New Yorker on SoundWavePic.com

Gave it to my wife for our first anniversary. This is now his favorite item. It arrived timely. Thanks so much!


by Christine on SoundWavePic.com
Very well!

I got this for my son because my husband passed away and wanted him to have his "I love you son" words... I loved the QR code extension because it follows soundwave during the recording. Thank you!!

Thanks, Christine!

by Finn Mcmahon on SoundWavePic.com
Amazing Sound wave picture

Sound Wave Picture turned out amazing! My wife loved this personalized anniversary gift, and now he will never forget our first dance song. Thank you!!

Thank you 🙂

by Amanda on SoundWavePic.com
great Soundwave art

I ordered this sound wave art for my boyfriend for our four year anniversary. I really love it and recommend to anyone who is looking for a unique gift.

Thank you very much Amanda!

by Angela Hensley on SoundWavePic.com
First dance song

Love the idea of having our first song in a sound wave. This is the most romantic gift I’ve seen…

by Skyler B on SoundWavePic.com
thank you

Gifted it to my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary and he was amazed!

by Will Casey on SoundWavePic.com


Thanks Will!

by Alice Holland on SoundWavePic.com
Turned out amazing

Oh my goodness.. It turned out so well!! Thank you so much!

Thank you 🙂

by Jordan Herring on SoundWavePic.com

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Phenomenal gift! My wife cried tears from this!

My pleasure, Jordan!

by Sara Thomas on SoundWavePic.com
Favorite song on my wall!

I now have my favorite song on my wall as a canvas artwork. Thanks so much. I absolutaley recommend this to anyone..

Thank you Sara!

by Noel Kidd on SoundWavePic.com
Perfect gift

Absolutely perfect and it was so creative and exciting! A piece of love to keep for years to come!

Thanks Noel!

by Ayşe Özyılmaz on SoundWavePic.com

Ses tablosu resmini online olarak satın aldım istanbulda bastırdım. Kesinlikle harika oldu,tam istediğim renklerle. Dijital olarak indirdim. Biraz pahalıydı ama değer bence. Thank yooouuu!

I don't know your language but thanks for the 5 star 🙂

by Rowan Townsend on SoundWavePic.com

So very happy! I was able to have the design I want, thanks to your user friendly website. Highly recommend!!

Thank you for your comment Roman!

by Will H on SoundWavePic.com

Absolutely great idea. The QR addition is just amazing.. Thanks so much!

THank you Will!

by Gene Riley on SoundWavePic.com
amazing product

The bride and groom loved it! Amazing product, amazing service...

Thank you Gene!

by Kai Chandler on SoundWavePic.com
Love it!

This was a 21st birthday present for my son who loves music. It turned out beautiful and he loved it very much! Thank you..

Great to hear that!

by Brice Shaw on SoundWavePic.com

I ordered an I love you soundwave on canvas. Item is just fantastic! Was a gift for my parents. It was so unique and they love it!

Thank you very much Brice!

by Jody on SoundWavePic.com

I couldn't be happier with my voice art print. Highly recommend it!

Thanks for your nice comment Jody!!! 🙂

by Cameron Grant on SoundWavePic.com

I am in the UK and the seller is in the US, the shipping was without hussle and free! thank you!!! The soundwave itself is also picture perfect!

Thank you, Cameron! We ship internationally, and free for most of the countries.

by Harrel on SoundWavePic.com
So good!

Beautiful artwork! It exceeded my expectations! Delightful with the print as well. Cannot recommend enough!

Thanks for your review Harrel, it means a lot to us:)

by Harley Mcdonald on SoundWavePic.com

Turned out beautifully! The seller is wonderful to work with and great communication. It’s a wonderful gift, I love the way it turned out...would buy from again!

Thank you Harley!